Isaiah Rashad – Free Lunch

There’s no surprise that Isaiah Rashad has become on of my favourite rappers in TDE, simply because I can easily place his debut (Cilvia Demo) in the same conversation as Section.80 in terms of its personal impact and his ability to be so easy to relate to – aside from providing dope ass music in the process. It’s hard to believe (well, not really) that since his release, he’s only dropped not even a full handful of solo songs. TDE likes to keep you waiting, but when the music eventually comes, you know what you’re getting. You got it with Sydney JonesNelly, and Smile. But as the summer is slowly fading, and it’s been 2 years since CD, the question is (and has been for quite some time), “where’s that new Zay at?” Well, after some of the TDE head honchos tweeted out a date (September 2nd, 2016), and seeing that this new single is on iTunes & Apple Music, it could only lead to one thing – Zay is on the way, and this is a good vibe to look forward to an eventual album. Let’s just hope my theory holds true. Enjoy.

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