Seth Dyer – Black Ghosts

Consistency is key when you’re an artist – that’s law of the land no matter who you talk to, and there are countless examples of this. Consistency comes from constantly working at your craft, churning out songs, and continually looking to get better as you go along in your journey. Seth Dyer is consistent in his approach because he’s an artist who cares not only about his craft, but is aware for the circumstances around him in which he can speak on with the platform he’s been blessed with having. With everything that’s been going on in Canada & the United States with regards to the police brutality and the constant exposure of videos and images that constantly show Black & Brown bodies bloodied and gruesomely deceased, there’s a call for healing, and one way in which Black people do said healing comes with music, and there have been countless anthems to help cope with the pain, but there’s never not enough words to be said about the travesties, so Seth does his part to address his frustrations. It’s very much welcomed and should be well received. Enjoy.

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