Jayd Ink – Darkskin

Waking up to the news that another unarmed Black person (Terrence Crutcher) had been shot down by police (while his hands were in the air cooperating with police), it added to the already stressful reality that it is to be a Black person not only in North America, but in this world in general. In a time when Black aesthetics & Black culture as a whole is being outwardly taken apart and used by damn near everyone who isn’t Black, being that this isn’t a new thing, it’s still an annoyance. Black women are the victims of this most definitely, and given that they go through so many issues where they face discrimination & racism on a day to day basis with blatant disrespect on their bodies, it’s always Colourism that takes its place to stand out the most when the disrespect towards them happens, and that’s why this song that Jayd Ink presents is an affirmation that Black is, was, and will always be beautiful. Where most people see having dark skin as a flaw, and many people (children) being raised that your dark skin was a mark of shame and revealed nothing but ugly, as they’ve grown up, there’s been more unlearning and a lot more self-appreciation, despite how many articles of skin bleaching you may see (which is a real issue not to be dismissed).

The backhanded compliment “pretty for a Darkskin” is an insult, and the sad reality is that it still happens in today’s society. Being that I’m darkskin and the fact that I know a lot of dark skin women, I agree with what Jayd Ink says in the hook, “what the fuck does that mean?” Not a damn thing, is what it means. We’re some beautiful beings, and this is a dope ass song for the women to self-express their love of their darker toned melanin. Flourish, Queens. Jayd Ink is well on her way (I mean, she did have a song premiere on Power) and her being an outlet to speak out on these little but bigger picture conversations within our community, it helps. Take her in, and enjoy the vibes.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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