Antonio Bezel – Told Em

You may know him by Antonio, but I’ve known him as Schoolboyy (no Q) for almost 10 years, but regardless of which name you know him by, the music’s always had a sort of impact that I’ve wondered why he has been more known than he was and currently is. Hopefully that’s something that will change, because I’ve dug his music for a while. He stands out in a way where he doesn’t look to conform to what’s necessarily hot at the moment because he has a level head and stream of consciousness that allows him to stay in his lane – a rarity. This piece right here is a good example, because although it’s produced by LondonOnDaTrack, it has a flavour that’s original as opposed to trying to bite a popular flow, and that’s what I appreciate. I hope a project or two is on the way, but only time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy.

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