Khadijah Lopez – Paradigm

A unique voice is hard to come by these days, because more times than not, new emerging artists sound like a carbon copy form of another, but within the genre of R&B, where it’s absolutely not exempt from that theory, there seems to be more room for creative expansion over different sounds. Toronto and the surrounding GTA boasts so many different sounds, that you’ll find something unique in any corner of the regions that are presented. I heard about this project through my lovely friend Tia, who is as loyal as they come when it comes to praising the emerging talented artists in this city. Black women in general are the biggest supporters before many blow up, but that’s a conversation for another day. Blended with the authentic Toronto vernacular with the smooth vibes that hold you over in the foreground as much as they do in the background, this is a solid EP that certainly came together at a good time. A lot of great music is being churned out, and for this to be included with a lot of great music that has been released thus far in 2017, it’s a treat you should indulge in for yourself. I need to hear Just For You in some parties this summer. The vibes call for it. Bring dem come, yes? Tek time.

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