Clairmont The Second – Do You Drive?

You’d be hard pressed to find an artist from the Greater Toronto Area, or Toronto proper, who has been as consistent with their quality of music & subsequent content, like Clairmont The Second. Considering the fact that his catalog has great replay value, and his previous two projects (Lil Mont From the Ave & Quest for Milk and Honeyare still tasteful to the ears, the fact that he dropped something new, it’s very generous of him, and much appreciated.

Clairmont has always had an innate ability to paint electric colours with his music, sort of like how Tyler, the Creator aptly describes his music process. Even with Clairmont’s videos, they match that vivid energy that the music gives off in the first place. As easy of a listen that it is from the get go, he continues to show his growth as an overall artist, and he deserves the respect from a wider audience, because he is a special person.

If this is one of the first new projects you get into for 2019, you’re not going to be disappointed, because it’s smooth as hell, and it’s a step back from the cookie cutter sound that is currently dominating the field. Check out the rest of his catalouge as well, if this is your first time getting to know Clairmont The Second. Enjoy.


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