Clairmont The Second – Lil Mont From the Ave

If you’ve been participating in following along with this blog, you’ll know that Clairmont The Second is one of the artists whom I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to over the past couple of years. Reason being is because he brings consistency with every project, and with Quest for Milk & Honey still being relatively fresh, new music is always exciting. What started off with The Ave In You, and then dropping the groovy as hell 2 Rich 4 Me, I knew that we’d be in for a treat, period.

Weston Road has a great representative with Clairmont, as he’s just one integral part of a great assortment of artists who come from the West end (check Noisey’s Toronto Rap Map for reference). This album feels the most connected to the attitude of Clairmont in terms of the balance of the environment which shaped him, but also the suave, romantic that he has put on display from time (need we not forget about Flame Princess). This album certainly has its share of bangers too; can we walk about Gheeze, because JEEZ Louise indeed, when that beat drops, it’s dumb, and it’s so Toronto – that’s what I appreciate. Jazz Cartier had a great quote i an upcoming documentary (that you’ll hear about soon enough), “your city has to fuck with you before anyone else fucks with you,” and Clarimont has built that for himself, but he’s not yet a household name; I’m hoping that it’ll happen, because he’s certainly putting the product on display for everyone to consume. This is just another example, so please give him your respect.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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