Throwback Album of the Day – Tical – Method Man

It’s the return of the Wu. I hit you with 36 Chambers, then OB4CL, so why not throw in one of my other favourite albums from a Wu Tang member, “…Mistah Meth. MOVIN ON YO LEFT!” This album is awesome. A lot of people see Method Man as being on of the more slept on members of the Wu Tang, but I can’t seem to readily agree on that. He’s had great success, as have some of the Wu Tang members, so, I wouldn’t put him in the underrated category. He’s been a sick MC, and he gets the respect where it’s due. It only felt right to make this a TAOD, simply because the 90s was a decade that will never be matched with the musical greatness that came out during that time period. Maybe it will, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. So, for now, enjoy this one, friends.

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