People Suck….Here’s Why – Vent X

The 10th Vent. I do talk a lot, there’s no denying that, but you guys (and ladies) read what I’ve had to say thus far, and I appreciate it, but there’s just something that we’ve always wanted to know about people; we see them, we talk to them, we wonder about them, and overall, there are those that we genuinely care about, right? Right. But the OTHERS?! Listen, we all have those people that we know (fortunately and unfortunately) that we simply can’t fathom to understand as to WHY IN THE WORLD they love to drive us crazy.

There are specific types of people who really irritate me: Lazy, Stupid, Arrogant, Annoying, and Negative; overall just unsociable people. They’re the worst kind, and some of the particular ones I’d like to dive into, so stay tuned for the words of…well whatever you want to call it: Entertainment, wisdom, enlightenment, or if you get offended, by all means, speak up, because I’d think that most of you just read for leisure anyways, so let me begin. This will be long, but hopefully I keep your attention throughout.


“Getcho ass up and cook, or clean up, OR DO SOMETHIN'” – Chris Tucker (as Smokey) from Friday

Lazy ass people. They sit around all day, talking about what they’re going to do, and end up not doing it at all. There’s a difference between being lazy for about, oh I don’t know, a day or two, or if you have a job, you want a vacation, YOU’VE EARNED THAT VACATION TO DO NOTHING AT ALL! I’m not talking about those people (as I hear the collective “oh, I was about to say” thoughts in many people’s heads). These people sit around all day, talking about the people who are actually busy getting their lives together, and what’s their responses? “Man, I’m out here just doing me, you know what I mean?” Right…doing, what exactly? Not getting a job, not getting money, that’s for DAMN sure. Smoking weed all day and playing video games while you’re not doing a damn thing productive? That’s real progression right there *golf claps*.

The reason why I have a beef with these people is because I was once one of them, but at the same time, I get that it’s difficult for many to get a job or whatnot, but that doesn’t give people the excuse NOT to go and look for other opportunities elsewhere like regular human beings, I mean…unless science is wrong, we were once Neanderthals that relied on our survival tactics to actually SURVIVE! So, you can take that “Man, the system is trying to keep me down” shit all the way back to the ages between the 40s and 70s, when it was ACTUALLY relevant. Times have changed, and we have to progress with said times, no? I’m just saying, being lazy leads to nothing. If I’m wrong, tell me how many millionaires earn a living from their couch…ok, wait…bad example. Tell me how many millionaires BECAME as successful as they were by living life half-assed, and praying that they hit the lottery in order to make their lives actually worth something, and even at that point, if you rely on the lottery for your living, then it’s not even worth the money you’d receive, because what would you do? Be lazy, waste it, and not cherish it. Money doesn’t make a person, it merely enhances them or destroys them (depending on who they are, of course).

Thanks to technology, laziness is starting young, children are becoming obese more and more commonly because, really, you don’t HAVE to leave your house to do about 75% of the things you would have to leave your house to do (i.e, grocery shopping, retail shopping, rent movies, or simply have a conversation with another human being without the aide of a telephone). It’s the world we’ve turned into, it is what it is, we have to adapt, that’s all swell, but there HAS to be something that would kick in one day and say “SELF, maybe I should get off my ass and actually go do something instead of burying myself indoors.”

Last time I checked, when I was a kid, I had a crapload of outside time. You play with your friends, you develop friendships, you DO THINGS! You get into trouble, you have childhood experiences. What are these kids doing for fun now? Playing Wii when it’s a warm and sunny day? More concerned about getting to the next level of World of Warcraft? Instant messaging for hours on end? Listen, I’m not saying IM is bad, trust me, I’m from the generation when that first starting getting crazy and then social networking changed the game forever, but at the same time, you can’t just allow yourself to be a mole and stay indoors at all time and not want to go out and seek something new to do. It’s like people just DON’T want to do anything productive in life, and let me tell you, nothing annoys me more than them.


“Niggas LOVE to keep it real. Real. Dumb.” – Chris Rock (Bring The Pain)

Now, I know my mother taught me better than to name call, but let’s be really honest here, there are some really stupid people who walk amongst us. They’re the type of people we look at like

And they still fail to realize their idiotic ways. Now, look, there are people who simply don’t know any better and can’t help themselves. No, no such thing, I don’t believe it. There can never be ANY EXCUSE as to not know basic information in everyday life. I can’t ask you a simple high school educated question without being questioned? Hold on a second, what part of the game is this? Hit the books, lay off the trees, although most will contest that “Weed makes you smart.” Ok…well…that may be true for some, but I’ve been surrounded by some real deal idiots in my day, so I can’t exactly co-sign that statement. Stupid people are those who just simply chose not to want to learn anything. Oh, they may be smart in other fields, but it comes right back to being lazy. I don’t mean like stupid as in educational (well not 100%), but the people who choose to get themselves in the same situations and not learn from their mistakes; example: the people who leave one of their companions because they treated them like crap, but either A. Go RIGHT BACK TO THEM, or B. Get with someone who does the exact same thing that the previous person did.

That. Shit. Makes. No. Sense. At. All. I’m just saying, you don’t learn? But as the old West Indian phrase goes:


So, pretty much, these people I detest greatly, because they could be…so much better, but choose not to. That’s MY definition of Stupid people: the people who simply refuse to learn from their mistakes. But that doesn’t take away from the ignorant people who choose not to learn anything outside of their own circles because “they’re keeping it real.” Stop it. All of it. It’s stupid as hell, and you’re only limiting yourself from progressing in life, but hey “Do you.”

*STiXX Shrug*


Alright, let me get this out-of-the-way. We can all be arrogant at times, think that we’re bigger and better than everyone and shove it in their faces. Pretty much it’s the opposite of being sweet and humble. Sometimes, you have to say “FUCK BEING HUMBLE!” (Shout out to Natty) and just say “I run this,” but, this is for the people who really just take it from  one level to the other.

Nothing annoys me more than people who swear that they’re better than anyone else because of what little success they’ve brewed up. Listen here, if you buy designer clothes and you’re still taking public transit as your main source of transportation and you don’t even have a vehicle or your own place? Please, do as the sign says and:

It’s these stupid people who feel the need to press on everyone’s toes and belittle others because they feel as if the world owes them something. Hold on playa, last time I checked, I paid my own taxes, I paid my own bills, and unless you’re not in my tax bracket, you can’t tell me shit. These are the people who have got a little taste of success and let it all go to their heads. They forgot where they came from, and they want to have the world praise the ground they walk on. No thanks, I like my ground that I walk on, I contributed to it being resurfaced and re-paved, so kindly remove your gargantuan sized ego and keep it moving like the rest of us. We all get a little ego trip here and there (I’m one of those people, and feels no way to admitting that), BUT we do have to come back to reality and remember who we are. No more or less than anyone, period.

You rappers coming up (I’ll use my city for example), who feel as though you’re worth so much, but have done so little? Let me explain something right now. You people love to complain about no one showing you love, when you were just downtown and someone passed you a mixtape that you either tossed in the nearest garbage (or open space to litter), or used as a coaster, or a platform to break your weed on. You get the respect you show, so don’t give me that “holier than thou” junk about “How am I gonna put on for the city, when no one wants to show love? True true.” WELL, MAYBE…just…MAYBE, if you were good, or even if you weren’t, if you were able to stop screaming about everyone being a hater instead of simply taking constructive criticism, and respecting people’s opinions, I don’t know…MAYBE, you would have more supporters, but that’s just my city I’m talking about, although I’m sure we all have those people in our respective locations. They just really annoy me, because I’ve heard the same things being said for a chunk of my life that I wish I didn’t have to. I’m tired of it.


“Cause everytime you come around
You be hollerin’ that “Whoop-de-whoop, blah-zay-blah
He say, she say.” Oh my God
Shut the fuck up!” – Kendrick LamarCut You Off

YOU PEOPLE! ARE THE WORST! The people we all have that love to bother you at the most inconvenient times? The ones you wish would just go away forever and never come back, but somehow manage to gazelle-like leap over the hurdles to get back in your life? The ones you’ve shot down, but somehow resurrect? It’s something that everyone deals with, and it’s sad to say.

I work in retail; annoying people are all over the place. Customers and staff alike, we all deal with interesting personalities that just won’t seem to ever get the fact that they are some annoying human beings that sometimes we want to choke out, I’m just saying (I’m not the only one with those thoughts, let’s be honest).

Sometimes you just want to do this to an annoying person's couch. I don't know...

The fact is that, these people have NO IDEA that they’re being annoying, and yet, no one says anything to them (well, I’ve come across some that KNOW when they’re being annoying and wonder why they get backlash, but that’s…not the point). It’s a sad tale when you have to tell someone that they’re annoying, because what do they go out and do? Be. More. Annoying, and you literally just want to

It’s like “ok, damn, sorry, shit. Ok, stop talking….STOP TALKING!!” But, they won’t stop, it’s like they feel the need to just spill out anything and everything at that given time because it’s the right thing to do. No. It’s not. Kicking an elderly person down the stairs may seem fun, but it’s not the right thing to do at all. Don’t ask me what kind of comparison that was, because I will not explain it, just live with it.

You know those people who feel the need to tell you their entire life story as if you’re 60 minutes, or Time magazine giving a piece about them? You get those? I HATE THOSE! I get it, people love their kids, their dogs, what they had for dinner, what was funny (or not funny at ALL) on TV the last night, but FOR! THE! LOVE! OF! GOD! I don’t need to know EV-ER-Y GOT-DAMN-DETAILED-EXPLANATION! Save it for Oprah, or…actually, Oprah would probably look at her watch, or even give you one of these.

"Nah, I ain't wasting my time on this muthafu*er here. I got stacks to count and sh*t" - Oprah's thoughts (2007)

These people irritate my soul, MY SOUL, but the only way to repel them is to ignore them, and sometimes THAT doesn’t even work. It’s sad. They won’t leave; they’ll always come back. They’re like pigeons when you give them bread, but if you don’t feed them, they’ll still come back asking

So, until the day comes when we can rid of these people, we can only live with these people and just envision their demise in our heads….never to bring to reality…because killing is WRONG!


“I’m tryna learn somethin new
I’m tryna surround myself with people that inspire me
Or at least inquire similar desires
To do what it T-A-K-E just to reach the T-O-P” – Kendrick Lamar – Cut You Off

LAWD, the last one, I hope no one has left by this point, because I swear to God…

You negative ass, low expectation ass, quit on everything ass, complaining about the world ass people. Let me tell you about yourselves. What good are you? Honestly? What purpose do you serve? You have no purpose. You spend all day talking about how so and so has this and this, and this guy has so much money, and this girl is pregnant and you’re laughing at her downfall and spending all of your time worrying about other people instead of your own damn worthless selves. What the hell? I hate you people. Yes, HATE! Because when these people have friends that try to help them better their negative asses, they always want to come up with SOME kind of excuse to not get right. Well, I leave people like you in the dust because if you have no purpose for yourself, why am I wasting my time?

We all know the “oh woe is me, my life is so dreadful” people, who use any and everything in the book to not make their lives better. Yes, I get that things happen, and we can’t always help the fact that life happens, but being a downer, and being a bum all of the time only brings everyone else around you down. NO, BITCH! NO! I’m not stooping down to your level. You can come all of the way out of the entire 8 lane highway and hold a vast majority of foldaway seats. I’m not down with that movement. At all. Negative people are leeches; they suck the soul out of an individual one at a time until they’re at the same level. Crabs in the bucket, that’s exactly what they are.

There’s a lot of things that I learned about dealing with negative people. I myself was a negative person for a period of time because nothing went right, and nothing was making it better, but with growth, you’ll come to see things in a different light. THIS IS WHAT NEGATIVE PEOPLE FAIL TO REALIZE! They just….don’t….get it. They just want to sulk and wallow in their own filth and just wait for shit to happen, if they even want anything significant to happen in their lives to begin with. IT’S ANNOYING, IT’S STUPID, IT’S IRRITATING (see, all of these themes pretty much coexist with each other), and quite frankly, it’s not needed. Cut them off, it’s as simple as that. These people aren’t worth the stress, believe me, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of people know that already. It’s nothing new, but there has to be a point (maybe it happened, or maybe it will happen after reading this) that you have to say to yourself “SELF…is this person worth my stress? I love em, but damn they’re really bringing me down.” Hopefully you reach an answer that will not only help you now, but also in the future, because you’re all you got, kiddo. Make it worth something.

GAHH, finally…I’m done, and I think carpel tunnel syndrome is kicking in. I’m not here to give advice, but if I helped you in any way, then by all means

You're Welcome

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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