Artist Profile – Tinashe

“Just when the light is fading, just when I know it’s wrong
You do it, you do it, you do it and all my doubts are gone
The pain is elevating I surrender my fight
Stumble, stumble, stumble back in love with you tonight”


This was odd how I stumbled upon this lady right here. I was on Twitter, doing what I do best and often (Tweeting), and one of my followers (Josh) retweeted a picture of this beautiful girl. I expressed my approval of said picture, went to the profile, clicked follow, and then I saw a music link..then a verified blue check mark. Now, usually those are for people who are known in some way and have a bit of celebrity status – I never even knew who this chick was, but me being the curious individual, I downloaded the mixtape (Reverie).

Now, I didn’t really expect much, because I didn’t YouTube any of her songs or go to any other platform of that nature, this was all cold. I went through Wikipedia as I started listening just to get a sense of background. One thing stuck out to me: “She’s often called ‘The Female Weeknd.'” Now, The Weeknd made his distinctive sound work for him while he was creating a massive buzz last year leading up to his debut album; comparisons must have been for subject content and sound, because I heard some of it while I was listening, but I heard more of a Lana Del Ray/Jhene Aiko hybrid when it came to overall lyrics, and vocal similarities (listen to Stargazing and you’ll see why).

Production on both of her projects are great. On In Case We Die the beat overpowers the vocals a lot throughout, but it has that feeling that you can zone out to. Reverie is more lyrical but still has solid production value.

Why should you listen to her? She has a diverse range of instrumentals to her disposal and can bounce from techno, pop, traditional R&B, and even have those ‘trap’ beats to sing over. She showed off her vocal strengths, and emphasized that she’s not just one-dimensional. In a way, she has that kind of JMSN feel to her, but obviously in a female perspective. Definitely check her out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear more about her in the new year. Enjoy the music.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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