Black Water – Tinashe


You might have heard of her, you might have not, but with 3 mixtapes under her belt before her debut album release in 2014, Tinashe has been quietly making moves for herself to breakout right as the attention isn’t necessarily shifted her way. It seems like all of the good product has been coming out of the West Coast, but listening to her music, you wouldn’t have been given that vibe for an instant. She let the fans know that Black Water was going to be enjoyed by them because of her growth as an artist – she wasn’t lying. Although I was a little iffy about it, having heard Vulnerable with Travi$ $cott, but it already instilled in me what I knew with Reverie and In Case We Die – she’s a fan of the trap influence, so it’s cool that she stuck with that consistency. How the mixtape starts off with the title track, and how it progresses with the catchy beats & hooks, but there’s a variety of beats to make it interesting and keep it fresh. I’ve seen people say that it pays homage to 90s R&B (Just a Taste samples Tony Toni Tone’s Anniversary, however), but I think it stretches more than that, and there’s a more modern feel to it, although vocally you could make that argument, because she has a great voice and good writing to compliment it. The mixtape definitely adds anticipation for her debut album in the new year, and if you’re new to Tinashe, definitely get caught up on her older stuff. Stream it and/or Download it, but most importantly – enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Black Water – Tinashe

  1. I feel like the she definitely has good writing, good production & a good voice as well, but I can’t shake the fact that she’s had yet to apply all those qualities to make a true standout project. ICWD & Reverie has some GEMS, no doubt, but the rest of her music’s been really underwhelming, all things considered.

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