The Relationtape – Savannah Ré

In my attempts in doing my best to support local talent, this mixtape came to me from the lovely and locally well-known, Tika Simone. She’s one who supports a lot of homegrown talent, and it’s great to have people like her in the city promoting that love. So, Savannah Ré is a name that I wasn’t all familiar with, so I was really going in cold with this one. The sound right off the bat is Top 40, but not in the ‘annoying Top 40’ category, which many people are forced to listen to at work, but it was cool the whole way around. Mixing in R&B with a House/Techno vibe is common these days, but she has one song that blended it with  a reggae sound (Geet Weh [Give It Away] that was unique and brought a good flavour.

I’m not one for R&B music all of the time, but I know that there are many that will be able to relate to her lyrics, and her voice is smooth enough that provides an easy listen. It’s not ‘over-the-top’ and ‘Keyshia Cole dramatic’ that many singers out there like to embrace. My ears don’t appreciate that, so this is great to hear. With the likes of Savannah, Shi Wisdom, and Andreena, there are some budding singers in this city to truly appreciate. They’re all able to have versatility with their styles, and that’s what people are looking for – a difference; someone to stand out. I wish the best for Savannah, so do yourself a favour and check it out. Enjoy.

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