Iron Man 3 – The STiXXclusive Review

Just when we thought that his will was tested enough in the sequel and in the first Avengers movie, it’s as if Iron Man just continues to “create more demons” that come up to haunt him. From watching the trailer to this, you could tell that this one was going to be more so a personal battle featuring Tony Stark and himself – oh, and of course having to save the world again.

It’s definitely been a long time since Iron Man 2, and there were definitely tie ins to the sequel, but the mental state of Tony continues from The Avengers, so if you haven’t watched The Avengers, there’s a good chance you’ll be lost at parts. I enjoyed this movie because in a way, it reminded me of the style that The Dark Knight took when it came to the hero being at his lowest point and thus having to ‘build himself back’ to returning to form and being stronger physically and mentally. I like the fact that Pepper had more of a pivotal role in the movie than just being the assistant, and the fact that Tony/Ironman have continued to be a part of the citizens. There were elements that were consistent with the series and even at times, they relate back to the first movie. There were a lot of mixed comments that I was seeing from people about this movie in comparison to the 2nd movie, but I think this one was better because of the story overall, and the fact that I pretty much forgot about what happened in Iron Man 2, since I probably didn’t care for it as much.

When it comes to Robert Downey Jr., there’s no doubt that you’re going to get that sarcastic humour which is consistent, and in an Iron Man movie, there’s humour and action that follows through as well. This one may not as be as much actiony, but the personal battle of Tony is the more intriguing story here because of how much has been built since The Avengers. Don Cheadle reprising his role as Col. Rhodes was alright (I still wish it was Terrence Howard in that role, but it is what it is), and he can be entertaining, but it’s still weird seeing him in this type of role. There are a few twists in this that’ll either make you scratch your head or leave your mouth agape. It’s enjoyable, but definitely brush up on the Iron Man series & Avengers knowledge unless you have a good movie memory. For those who are more for the indepth analysis and comic book heavy reviews about this movie, head over to eLEWsive Thoughts for that. The most important thing you do is to enjoy it. This is my opinion, this is my review, but for now

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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