Getting To Know: Sola

It’s the city of a million rappers, yet we don’t have a heavy presence of representation on a global platform – that may change in the near future, however, because the artists in this city are fed up and you can see the hunger starting to come out. When I hosted my inaugural On The Lookout mixtape, one artist from the City of Toronto had 2 tracks on there, and I’d seen him perform in person. Sola has potential to be a great artist with time and development, but there’s just one thing that needs to be cleared up before we go on – just who is he? Luckily for me, I got the opportunity to ask him some questions as he’s preparing to release a new mixtape in July. Enjoy.


JH: For those who don’t know who you are, who is Sola?
Sola is a hardworking motherf***** who never gives up on anything in life (Laughs), excuse my French. Honestly, I’m just a regular human being like you, who chases his dreams and never lets anyone tell me I can’t be who I want to be.

JH: Being from Toronto and seeing the change in culture for Hip Hop in the city, how would you describe it and what can you look forward to in the coming months and maybe years?
It’s dope. It’s like everyone has something different to bring to the table. We need more UNITY though, it’s a cut-throat city. I’m really looking forward to seeing Toronto evolve as one of the best music cities the world has ever seen.

JH: How does your upcoming mixtape differ from your previous two?
Growth would be the main thing. On my first two mixtapes, I wasn’t fully grown; I still needed to live more of my life. “Déjà vu” is me grown up in my best shape!

JH: Is there anyone in particular that you wanted to work with that is featured on this mixtape?
No. To be honest I’m not really doing that many features, because I want to establish my sound first. “Déjà vu” has no features.

JH: What are your short & longterm goals are far as being an artist?
A few long-term goals I have are longevity, and consistency. I want to be able to take a hiatus and come back knowing my fans will still be there for me. Some short term goals; staying creative and always having fun. There’s no point in working if your not having fun doing it!

JH: I saw you perform at one of The Known Unknown showcases, and you did your thing. Have you been doing more shows since then, and have you been able to grow your audience as a result to them?
I’ve had a few shows prior, as well as after that Known Unknown showcase. My main focus right now is the music not the shows. Because what’s a show with bad music?  I know the shows will come once the music is on point & yeah I get new fans daily. It feels good knowing you could move someone positively.

JH: The mentality of the music industry in Toronto for artists is often “everyone for themselves.” Do you believe in that? Why or why not?
Definitely not. Look at a city like Atlanta; over 40+ artists, different sounds, everybody is getting money. Love spreads faster than hate. More will get accomplished for Toronto as a city if we UNIFY ourselves.

JH: Who do you listen to (Canadian or international) that catches your attention and would one day like to work with?
Good question. I listen to everybody – NO JOKE! Only because I appreciate music and know how hard it can be sometimes; I give everybody a chance in other words. Who’d I like to work with now: Of course one of Hip Hop’s greatest teachers Nasir Jones, and I wouldn’t mind making history with Wale either if the opportunity presented itself.  Beanie Sigel, (J.) Cole, Lloyd Banks, and Bun-B are just a few more names.

JH: What are your expecations for this mixtape that you would like to see for yourself?
With the amount of work and dedication I’ve put into this project, I’m expecting nothing but good reviews. To me it’s more than a mixtape – it’s an ALBUM. I try not to get comfortable with the word mixtape because I feel it removes value. My first 2 projects were also ALBUMS.

JH: What can the fans anticipate for this mixtape?
Growth, REAL MUSIC, new flows, and new sounds. This by far is my best work yet, AND ITS ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER!

Deja Vu is slated to release on July 1st (Canada Day), so definitely be on the lookout for that and for any and all updates, follow Sola on Twitter (@DeLaSola). But, for now

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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