Miloh Smith – Elevators

Miloh is an artist that is on a steady rise to being heralded as both a songstress and a rapper who’s taking a different approach in the game of Hip Hop when it comes to females (look out for a future article about women in Hip Hop – shameless plug). Her chill vibe doesn’t take away the fact that she can turn up like the rest of her Atlanta community, but The New Atlanta is something that is carrying elements from the past (think early Outkast & Goodie Mob) and clashing it with the present. They’ve always been a musical city known for changing the game in some way. This video for one of her tracks off Suite 404 (check that out ASAP) is one to vibe to, and can hit home for a lot of people. Look out for her future project Pulp Fiction (yes, inspired by the movie) set to come out sooner than later, but in the meantime – Enjoy.

View Here

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