On The Lookout: Miloh Smith

This one was another gem that was forwarded to me from The Articulate Bitch aka Jamz aka 1/2 of the Trippy Twinz. Atlanta has a variety of different genres within their own city that have been standing out for over 20 years. The new wave of Hip Hop in Atlanta goes back into the roots that groups like Outkast made popular, but also has that Houston, Texas ‘trill’ emphasis. Trinidad James is one example of that ‘newer’ vibe that you can throw in with the likes of A$AP Rocky in terms of style, but still has his own & uses West Indian influence.

Female rappers still haven’t been taken seriously for a while because, let’s be honest, most of them (in the mainstream) aren’t saying much and lack the delivery or their own style. But, on the rise, you have artists like Rapsody, Jhene Aiko (she doesn’t really consider herself R&B), Azelia Banks and Angel Haze. On the underground, there are artists like Marz Lovejoy, Dutch Rebelle, Amber London & Tennille that have that dope sound. Miloh Smith’s Suite404 mixtape was what Jamz told me to listen to, and the vibe of it all was all around smooth and would be a reason why I would put her in that line-up I just mentioned. Production was sound, it has that Aquemini/ATLiens feel to it, but there are still remnants of today’s production that is driving mainstream hip hop, but it’s not overpowering.

Why I think she has potential, is because she has a good sound that you can market. Most of the time, everyone is looking strictly for lyricism, but sometimes you just want to vibe out, and enjoy music, but that doesn’t mean that Miloh has mindless nothings in her music. She speaks to an audience that can relate to her music, especially for females. Even as a male, I enjoy the music. Definitely give the mixtape a listen, and look out for more music. Check out her Soundcloud page for more songs that aren’t on the mixtape. Enjoy.

Twitter: @MilohSmith

That’s My Word & It STiXX


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