Miloh Smith – Pulp Fiction

There’s an importance when it comes to listening music because if it’s not with the right dynamics that the music was made to be listened to, it often weighs in on the enjoyment factor. For Miloh Smith’s anticipated project, Pulp Fiction, that’s exactly what I experienced. Mind you, I was at work the first time around, so maybe I wasn’t even in the right state of mind to listen to it in the first place. Bypassing all of that, if you haven’t heard of Miloh, go listen to Suite 404 immediately, because when you think about out-of-the-box mixtapes or albums to come out, there haven’t been a lot of them that executed with effectiveness. Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest movies to grace the big screen (and also one of my all time favourites), so the fact that it spawned the inspiration behind this, there was definitely a level of anticipation that I was prepared for – and also the fact that Suite 404 was hot and Miloh was generating a large buzz for herself.


I wrote a piece about the new generation of Atlanta artists coming out, and she was included for a reason. This mixtape emphasizes just why I did it. Traditional is boring and having sonic limits hinders an artist’s creativity. From the very beginning with a live sample of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (one of my favourite songs), the excitement grew. It took the 2nd listen (with headphones) for me to appreciate everything that was went into this mixtape, because I hadn’t felt it the first go around, but I have to applaud production all the way around, because it was diverse from start to finish. It’s difficult to really say exactly what type of artist Miloh is, because she can sing, but also she can lay down some bars when she has to. She doesn’t necessarily stick to one particular genre, and that’s the beauty of this mixtape because you can a bunch of sounds that elevate her progress from where she left off with Suite 404. Through references like ‘Bad Motherfucker’, ‘Samuel L. Jackson’, ‘Ezekial 25:17’, and other drug references like how Mia Wallace liked to live her life on the wild side, she stayed true to the elements of the movie and brought them into a vibrant perspective with great songs, both written and produced.

Something different is what the people want, and Miloh delivers with something great. I can see myself listening to this for a while, because there’s much to appreciate what went into creating it. Starz is just one song in particular that will be on repeat for a while – it’s like the perfect track on here, but there’s consistency all around. Take a listen and enjoy. Stream below and Download on Livemixtapes

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