The New Atlanta Rap Renaissance

Atlanta has always been the city that has been either overlooked or never seriously taken. Although some of the best rappers in the game have from Atlanta in the past 10 years (Outkast, Ludacris, T.I), the innovators of Crunk, Trap, and Turn Up music hasn’t really gained full respect from the Hip Hop world as a whole, because they’re not as lyrical like other cities. That’s not necessarily true – every region has their own style, and Atlanta has always been different. It’s more entertaining than most (especially as of late), but the new sound has definitely taken notice from few, which hopes to rise to many as the year goes forward.
I already posted mini profiles on Trinidad Jame$ & Miloh Smith, and they’re only two representatives of the self-imposed ‘New Atlanta’ movement. There’s always a new wave of artists to put their stamp on the culture of Hip Hop, and it’s been evident elsewhere: Beast Coast & New West as some examples. From the help of The Articulate Bitch, Jamz, she recently took a trip down to ‘Hotlanta’ and brought back some gems that you may already know or may have no idea about. This is why I’m here. Trinidad James is most likely the catalyst of the movement getting a great jump-start with his fast rising success as ‘All Gold Everything’ was the start of it all. On Don’t Be S.A.F.E, there’s a song called Southside that features ForteBowie. His Vice Haus EP was the first thing that Jamz played for me, and straight up the production is crazy. The whole mixtape is wicked, but my favourites have to be Take Em To Church, Gucci Mane, and M.O.B I & II (Featuring Miloh Smith). He raps and sings, but he’s consistent with both. I think he’ll be the next one to blow up and be really appreciated for his diversity as it’s shown off on this EP. Definitely one to look out for.

Two9 is a group that has also been associated with T.James, and they’ve even had their share of shine in the blogosphere.

I had the chance of listening to Two9 Forever a couple of months back, but I never really followed up on them. Jamz showed me their ‘Christmas’ mixtape, and it was dope too. There’s a lot of members to keep up with, but I’m sure you’ll be hearing about them more as time passes. They’re already creating a buzz for themselves.

Money Makin’ Nique is yet another rapper that shows promise in the future. I posted his mixtape ‘Gas Money‘ months ago, but when I heard The Lion King EP, which is entirely produced by Araabmuzik, I definitely knew that he could be something. Not southern rapper can go off on East Coast styled beats, but Nique did it with effectiveness. Definitely check him out.
Rich Homie Quan & Rome Fortune are the rappers to round-up the list of characters that Jamz introduced me to. Beautiful Pimp by Rome is crazy (listen to Bitches On The Track) given production and energetic flare from start to finish. Rich Homie Quan is the only one that gives off that ‘Future’ impersonation, but it’s actually tolerable (to me). It’s evident on his mixtape I Go In On Every Song

            The ‘New Atlanta’ sound is what’s going to be heard more often when their time comes. It’s already begun and people are taking notice. I’m glad to have had been forwarded this, because the misconception about Southern music that has that ‘club style’ is that these rappers aren’t saying anything with real significance. That’s not the case, it’s just a different approach to how they express they’re lyrics. The subject matter is relatively the same, but you’re not going to be wowed by crazy metaphors and double entendres like a Hip Hop Purist would. It takes time to get adjusted to a newer style, but this is one that you can listen to if you’re not messing with a lot of the more commercial noise that’s floating around there. Definitely give it a listen and enjoy.

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