Veronica Domingues – Catch Me When I Fall

There’s a reason why I had to write up on Veronica, because her music is comfortable and it’s what the essence of R&B should be, and it’s honestly what’s been missing from the game. With all of the experimental music happening and other acts trying to keep up with the Jones’, it’s imperative to understand that going back to the basics isn’t a bad thing to do, and Veronica keeps it all the way authentic in her music.

Besides the smooth Floetry-esque vocals that she provides, the video in itself is one that I can connect with because in a lot of situations, I’ve seen this scenario play out a lot, and the song proves to be the right soundtrack to support it. All around, it’s feel good music from the soul, and that’s all R&B should be. Definitely find a moment to listen to Just Chill, and enjoy the video. Shout out to Josh on the Actor/Director role.

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