Gravity – The STiXXclusive Review

When I first saw the trailer for this movie in theatres, I said to myself, “they seriously made a movie about someone lost in space?” Why yes – yes they did. Did I think that it was going to be anything special? No – no I had not. It really wasn’t until I started seeing people talk about it so much that I had to go watch it. A little delayed, but that’s irrelevant (there’s no timestamp on when to see or hear new releases). Astronauts are about the coolest things to a lot of people because they are the very few people on Earth who get to do the one thing that most people simply dream about – going into space. From the Earth’s point of view, being in space is nothing but a fantasy and it looks cool to float around in a space station weightless. This movie (although dramatized for Hollywood purposes) would take Armageddon and Apollo 13…heck, even 2001: A Space Odyssey, and bottle it up into one story about survival in the great abyss of stars, planets, and other man-made foreign objects.


I’ve only been on an airplane twice, so I only know what it’s like to fly above clouds. The fear of having something go wrong up there is nerve racking, but in space, it’s a little crazier because well…you can’t go down and you have a limited amount of Oxygen to your disposal – humans aren’t supposed to be up there chirping it up, but we have technologies to enhance, and as the years and decades go by, space will be very important – who knows what will be found in 100 years from now. With all that being said, if you can think of the worst possible outcome and then triple it, and then turn it upside down by 180 degrees – you get this movie. From the first 10-15 minutes, to the very end, it had my heart pulsating that made you tense, but also made you hope for Sandra Bullock & George Clooney’s characters (it’s really one of those movies you can’t give away).

The symbolism in the movie deals with letting go both physically and emotionally; there are also scenes that depict new life and the inevitable death that really struck me. But, the most incredible thing about this movie was how it was presented visually. Besides Avatar (which was the only movie worth watching in 3D), Gravity was stunning in ways that I couldn’t believe were imaginable. The switches from 3rd to 1st person views helped in sucking you into the story from the heroine’s perspective (not the dru – never mind), and also the music (my God, everyone has been using that Inception influence) drove the emotions to levels of fear, hope, and resurgence without uttering a word. It was truly a movie that came together on all levels, and if you’re really not a person who can sit and observe everything there is to a movie, you may not like it – but given the fact that it’s more emotional than heavy with dialogue, that’s what makes it compelling, and that’s the misunderstanding I had when I heard about it. I’m glad I was wrong with my presumption, and I’m glad that I enjoyed this movie. It needs to win all of the visual effects awards that are out there, and Sandra Bullock has been shining for a while now, and she continued here. Move over Sigourney Weaver? Not quite, but there’s another female ace of Space worth mentioning. GO SEE IT IN IMAX 3D for the truly best experience of it, but for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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