Common – War (Prod. No I.D)


2014 has kicked off and there are already plans of a lot of artists who took 2013 off to come back and drop new music. A lot of people took even 2 years off, but regardless of the lengths of their hiatuses, new albums and new music is always welcome. Common (who dropped The Dreamer/The Believer in 2011) announced that he was dropping a new album this year, and to follow up from that great album (that flew under the radar for no apparent reason), he starts off the year by releasing a song that has yet to be confirmed as if it’s going to be on the album. The title reflects the condition of life that is dealt with in his hometown of Chicago (unfortunately nicknamed ‘Chiraq’ because of the violence). If this is a preview of what we’re going to hear on the album, then I’m definitely looking more forward to it than I already was. Enjoy.

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