Roc Marci – Marci Beaucoup

One rapper that I came across listening to in 2012 was Roc Marci, and that was when I happened to listen to Reloaded, which has been regarded as one of the best rap albums to come out in that year. No, I haven’t consistently checked out his catalouge thoroughly, but he did release this Alchemist produced album in 2013, and why I’m just posting it now? Things get pushed back; it happens. I drew comparisons to Havoc and Prodigy from Mobb Deep when I was talking about Roc the first time around, and that opinion hasn’t changed because he has that ‘classic New York’ style that ‘stuck-in-the-90s’ Hip Hop purists will appreciate because he has the sound matched with the production to do them justice.


The Alchemist is one of the best producers in the game that has really gone unappreciated by the masses because people think that he only has one lane and can’t branch out. Sometimes you don’t need to in order to have success in something. When you’re consistent and the rappers that acquire your beats can do damage, then that says enough about the credibility of your production that more people want what you have to offer. Am I right or am I right? This album showcases the consistent production that he’s brought to the table and speakers for years, and Roc Marci (along with features from other Alchemist collaborators like Action Bronson & Evidence) does a great job in containing the rugged raps with concrete ballads. From the Intro to the last song, there’s a dark atmosphere around it, but I definitely couldn’t get tired of listening to it.

Roc Marci may not be the biggest name that people will be paying attention to anytime soon, and there’s nothing wrong with that because it happens all the time, but he’s definitely deserving of some recognition when it comes to being mentioned as one of the best to come out of New York for sure. He has the skill set that many look for in a rapper in most phases, and the production does a good job of bringing out just what that means. It’s an album you guys should check out, and for you French enthusiasts, you’d get a kick out of the title of it – Thanks, Roc. Enjoy.

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