Hope City Presents: The Journey [Documentary] (Trailer)

I’ve talked to John River on many occasions, and everything that this man thinks about, his ambition and utter will enables him to do just anything that comes to mind (read his story), and Hope City is just one of those things that he has mentioned on numerous occasions. Toronto is a city that has been (over the past couple of years) churning out talent in sports, and in one particular sport, basketball has truly started to flex its muscles when it comes to acquiring the talent pool that the rest of North America has started to see (see, Corey Joseph & Andrew Wiggins). This documentary brings to light just a few young men who are looking to be the future of Canadian athletes to represent the GTA in not only college basketball, but possibly the NBA and where ever else they play professional basketball (which is pretty much everywhere). I’m excited to see how this turned out, and as the trailer shows, it could be something that people from the city will appreciate as at least someone is documenting the steps taken to harness the homegrown talent from our own backyards and not just trying to make a profit off of it. Check out the trailer, and look for the full thing on the 28th of January. Enjoy

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