That Awkward Moment – The STiXXclusive Review

There are a lot of things that guys don’t like to admit; expressing emotions and portraying to be a tough guy to hide said emotions are certain things that they don’t like to admit that they do, but we do. When everything is going well and you’re supposed to be this macho man and have every woman in the world, the only thing that can mess that up is one woman in the world that throws you off your axis. You could say this it gets a bit ‘awkward’ at that point. There’s also a code that when 1 of your boys is down, it’s your job to do everything it takes to lift them up in the spirit of brotherhood and humanity, correct? I mean it’s the same for women, but we’re not talking about them right now, because this is a guy’s kind of movie to understand, and me…being a guy, that I am, it was the right movie to watch because as I grow up and really start getting my life in shape, there are always things to consider, and women are a big thing to consider when it comes to getting life sorted out – sometimes.


I didn’t think I would want anything to do with this movie, because it featured Zac Efron. What I failed to realize was that Zac Efron is not doing High School Musical anymore, and that he’s actually grown up. Michael B. Jordan has come a long way, and given the fact that Fruitvale Station did so well to propel his career, it’s good to see him in a lighter role this time around. Men are idiots, believe that, because sometimes (a lot of times), we have the tendency to think of our other head instead of the one that’s sitting atop of our torso. When that happens, then mistakes happen, and when mistakes happen, then there’s that feeling of regret, misjudgment, and then (eventually) common sense settles in. This movie took a group of friends with different situations and showed the stages that young men go through in relationships, even when they’ve all agreed not to be in one. What I liked about the movie was that as cheesy as it may have been, as someone who’s essentially in the age group of the actors, I could relate to it in certain aspects, but it was light-hearted, funny, and did not stray far from having their awkward moments which made it the movie that it was. I would look at it (kind of) as a male’s version of Sex in the City but without a high-tide of drama and less promiscuity.

It’s different than I expected, because I was thinking that it was going to be something cheesy to the point where it was eye-rolling beyond belief, but that wasn’t the case, fortunately enough. For a good dosage of entertainment, a slap back into reality as to what my life looks like and if I should contemplate changing things up to make it easier; this was definitely the good choice of movie to see on this day. It makes for a nice rental, if you decide on skipping out, but you’re getting your dollar’s worth if you decide to see it on the big screen. This is my opinion, this is my review,

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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