Veronica Domingues – I Get High (Feat. C-Flowz)

Veronica Domingues is on a pursuit to stardom, and having featured her on this blog beforehand, and witnessing her live performance, I’m confident when I say that. She’s taking the necessary steps to getting ahead, and with more shows coming up, and the video for her first single, I Get High, coming out soon – she’s on the prowl for a takeover. I’m fortunate enough to have a line of communication with her on an almost regular basis, so it’s great to see the progression. Listen to the single (it’s off of her Just Chill EP), and get familiar with her; she’s gonna be here for a while. Enjoy.


UPDATE: The video is now available. It’s funny, because I was supposed to be at this shoot, but a few of my friends are in it. Pretty cool to see that this will soon be all over the place. Shout out to Customatic directing the video. Now, if only the weather can be as nice now, as it is in the video. In time. Enjoy.

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