On The Lookout – Clairmont The Second

There was one video that I came across on 2DopeBoyz, and it was by this young kid from Toronto that goes by Clairmont The Second. I’m pretty sure I saw him at a Known Unknown event, but I didn’t remember him off the bat. The song Flame Princess was stuck in my head the other day for no apparent reason, so I said “self, let’s see what this kid is about.


I went on a little rant the other day (as I have been for a while) about artists from the city who tend to lack originality or at least something for them to stand out from sounding generic. What I appreciate are the artists who don’t sound like everyone else. The first rapper I thought of when listening to Project II was Chance the Rapper. It could be slight of vocals, but the slow and energy brought in the music was hype, and there are different tunes that make it interesting to listen to throughout. That is what I appreciate. He has flow and being that he’s as young as he is (I think 18?), the ceiling is high for him. Even going back to his first album, Becoming a Gentlemlln, the talent is displayed from the intro, no word of a lie. Wouldn’t be surprising if he’s a name that’ll be more frequently mentioned around the city. At least, one can hope. Check him out.

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