On The Lookout – Bryson TIller

Minding my own business, watching the Toronto Raptors play the Charlotte Bobcats and browsing on Twitter, my boy Stretch posts his new song on Soundcloud (shameless plug, but it’s dope), and you know after listening to a Soundcloud song, they recommend songs automatically and Soundcloud is the home of a lot of gems.


This is the exact case. After one song, I hear a Street Fighter sample, and then what proceeded to follow was a hard-hitting, face screwing beat that just didn’t make any sense. I pulled it up 4 times before I finished the whole song. Now, it usually takes much for me to genuinely feel something great when it initially hits, but god damn it, this was hitting, and the artist that is featured here is Bryson Tiller, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky (rough couple of weeks for that state, Basketball wise). Sorry Not Sorry was the first song I heard and took me forever to get past, but given that he only has 7 songs to really get through, there’s a ton of replay value here.

The R&B turn-up mixed with the rapping ability isn’t a new commodity at all, but when done effectively, that’s a real opportunity to stand out. Taking songs like Drake’s How Bout Now& iLoveMakonnen’s I Don’t Sell Molly No More, and creating his own twists, there you hear what he can bring to the table, it would be doing a disservice to not show appreciation for what he can do. Check out the video for Don’t (another heater), and be sure to look out for him. I’ve already started following him. Do the same. Enjoy.

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