Dijah SB – Manic Luxury

Dijah SB has been holding it own for the women in Rap for Toronto for a while, but not on the biggest stage. However, that appears to be changing, given the fact that she has re-branded herself and is pushing her artistry to the point where sooner or later, you will know her name either by the end of this year, before that, or early next year. Either way, she’s a name that you’ll want to know, because she has skills (ask Sway).

Being in a state of depression is one of the hardest and mentally challenging things that a person can go through. It’s not just all in your head, and it often leads to tragedy. What better way to address these issues than by form of music? It’s therapeutic, and it may help someone outside of the artist get through their situation. It’s one of the many reasons why I enjoy her music and respect her as a person. The music is just a bonus because she cares about her self-evolution and growth. Never one to shy from feedback and always open to experimentation within her realm. It’s important to have more leading women in music, and while we do have some representatives, Dijah is on the scene making her presence known. I will say that I’m getting tired of these EPs because I know she has enough material for a full album. In due time though. Also, the fact that this project (like many things she’s done musically or visually) women of colour are present either on vocals or production. Shoutout to Tamera Russell & Leila Dey (she killed Feeling Better).

Chill vibe with potent substance. Outside of what you’re expecting these days with constant turn up. Turn down for once and put this on.

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