TiKA – Carry On EP

I still write, I swear (life’s crazy).

What helps fuel my writing is the art of music – good music, at that, and there’s quite a lot of that going on (the stockpile of reviews I have to do will let you know that I’ll need to take a least a week off work to do so), but to start off what you may have been missing out on (although still fresh on the e-streets), Tika Simone (but simply going by TiKA) has gone through many transformations as a person who has been adamant in finding herself. What it comes down to is self-love and understanding that you only go as far as you allow yourself, and it all starts with the mental state of mind; the rest will follow suit (body & soul).

Honesty is the best policy and TiKA opening up in the 4-track EP is representation of her releasing much of what’s been built up over a period of time that was full of turmoil as much as it was filled with joy and a surge of inspiration that lead to moderate success (and I feel as though I’m selling that short). It wasn’t too long that she released Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (or STABLU), but it’s clear that she has more to say now and in the upcoming foreseeable future. There’s an old school vibe that comes with her music, because her voice brings an air of nostalgia that suitable as the temperature steadily drops and more blankets are required for warmth. It’s comforting, but it still exposes the vulnerable state that is still fresh in the mind. It’s a rallying call for those also in the state of wanting to release but don’t have a direction in which to go about it. Let TiKA be the soundtrack for your life and “carry onwards”

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