TiKA – OHMYGOD (Feat. Clairmont The Second)

There are many words to use when it comes to describing just what kind of person TiKA is for a lot of people, but to keep it short and simple for the purpose of this post, she’s a beautiful soul who I am thankful to call a friend over the past few years, but feels like a lifetime. She’s been through a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but her time to shine has truly come to fruition as her 2016 set the stage for a current 2017 that will take her to new heights and propel her career in ways that’s still surreal to witness. The West End (I’ll llow you guys for now) is put on in full force, as she’s joined by Clairmont The Second, who himself is breaking out in ways I’ve been waiting for. I’m in dire need to see many people from the city win at the same damn time, because it’s about time – our time for the world to see. TiKA has been as patient and free-flowing as ever, so it’s such a blessing to see things lining up for her. It’s beautiful, and it’s only the beginning. Check out her latest EP, Carry On, and be on the lookout for her debut album coming soon (but actually though, no boost).

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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