(New Album) UCLA – Blu & Madlib

Blu has to be the most mysterious rapper I’ve ever come across in my entire life. The man will just drop music at the most random times without a release date or any given warning. It’s like he just simply walks up to the people with a briefcase wearing a long overcoat, a top hat pulled down over his face, sets it down, and walks away, while the people just watch in awe. That’s exactly what it’s like. BUT, I’m not complaining, and neither are the people who were anticipating this collaboration from the two. I was put on to Madlib’s productions a few months ago (Shout out to Mars), and Lord, it’s a good thing that I woke up from being asleep on the quality of his beats, because they’re so raw and authentic, you can’t help but to love them, and you don’t have to be a hardcore hip hop head (like myself). Blu? Well you already know that I wrote about him, but it’s still a fact that he’s the most underrated artist you’ve probably never heard about, and he continues to prove it. Originally, the first leak that came out was 7 songs, but thanks to Mars (He seems to always come in clutch at these times), he’s provided the FULL version of the album (2 links) that I’ll make available. This is one well put together album, and I’m glad it came out sooner than later. It’s been a GREAT week for music, especially this coming on a Sunday, and uplifting people from misery. Get hip to this, and most importantly, enjoy it.

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