The Legends League Presents: Rich Kidd x Tona x Adam Bomb – Naturally Born Strangers

Two out of the three artists on this mixtape are ones that I have been familiar with for quite some time, and have only continue to get better as each project passes. Rich Kidd & Tona each dropped their own individual albums (In My OpinionSilverspring Crescent, respectively) and they have established themselves as premiere artists from the city of Toronto, especially when they come together to make music. I’d only started to get to know about Adam Bomb through his work with as part of the Freedom Writers collective, but in terms of a rapper, he’s not that far off the compass when it comes to the direction of style that he emulates when you look at Tona & Rich Kidd.



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What was most fascinating about this mixtape was that all three artists came together to do this, and it was really out of blue (well, at least for me it was), and given that this has generated a strong online presence and reception, as I sound like a broken record here – there’s a bright future for the culture that is Toronto’s Hip Hop. It’s been a constant back and forth battle, but I think the right moves are being made when it comes to the consistency of product being put out.

With Rich Kidd being the sole producer of this, you get to appreciate just all of the hard work he puts in on the beats to make it feel effortless. From The Dark Knight snippet intro to create an eerie vibe, to the abundance of samples throughout it and ending with a Mavado sample on No One Knows My Struggle (as I commence in a mini ‘Tek Whey Yuhself’ motion), it brings out that real toronto feel, which is a heavy dosage of diversity from all points. It’s well done, and I hope that a lot of people come to appreciate this as just a taste of what we’re able to offer on a bigger scale. Baby steps – we’ll get there; but for now, enjoy this, and shout out to Legends League for putting this together (a pricey, yet dope clothing brand out of Toronto you should check out)

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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